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LONGHEAD DIGITAL SOLUTIONS (formerly WEB SAGE DESIGNS & PROGRAMMING SERVICES) is a merger of high-spirited caliber professionals of varying disciplines from diverse enterprise not limited to Information Technology, Creative Arts, and Marketing. Our success lies on current technologies, symmetrical blending of our minds, topped-up with knowledge and experience leading to quality results.

At LONGHEAD DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, we believe in the power of ideas, bagged by our talented force, molded into strategic approaches providing maximum consumer impact.

By understanding your needs, we harness our creative people to come up with persuasive, powerful and effective concepts. We go beyond traditional barriers to help you bring global brands to the rapidly increasing consumer markets in the Philippines, across Asia, and the rest of the world.


To provide high quality web services demanded by most industrialized nations.


  • To achieve growth and success by satisfying our customers’ needs;
  • To further develop our team through continuous learning and education contributing to individual’s success and accomplishments;
  • To contribute to our community by providing employment and/or additional source of income;
  • To promote the Philippines as one of the top alternatives in website design and web application development, and
  • To increase our revenues by offering quality services.


We revere our clients not just as business associates, but as valued partners with whom we work hand-in-hand towards successful project completion.

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Our home-grown filipino web designers had been rigorously exposed to several projects in the Philippines and abroad. We had been fortunate to have handled projects not only for SMEs but for multinational companies as well.

Asia Broadcast Satellite

Corporate website for ABS, a Global Satellite Operator running at least 7 satellites in orbit. They have offices in Bermuda, USA, Hongkong and Singapore among others.

Live the Globe Way

HR portal for Globe Telecoms, one of the largest telecom company in the Philippines. Access to some sections on pages are limited to employees only.

Mariwasa Siam Ceramics

A corporate website for the largest ceramic tile manufacturing company in the Philippines.

Our service base rates are very competitive without sacrificing the quality of every projects we deal with. Rate scales up depending on the volume (in terms of pages), features, and creative complexities required.



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