• Outsourcing your web projects in the Philippines

    Let me get this straight for you, no beating around the bush. There are several reasons why you or your company should consider outsourcing your web design, web apps development, mobile apps development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media […]

  • Ferdie Domingo shared some tips at the Globe Community

    Ferdie Domingo, co-owner of Sage Designs Studio and director of design and development (now LONGHEAD DIGITAL SOLUTIONS), shared some useful tips at an article issued by Globe Telecom’s > My Business > Tech Tips > Design Flaws That are Slowing […]

  • WordPress vs Magento, which is better?

    Magento vs WordPress is seemingly a question that keeps on being awaken overtime. So we’d like to throw in our 2 cents and make this much clearer to you. Note that Shopify, Demandware and the likes are not included here […]

  • Mobile-friendliness helps in Google search results

    I personally do a lot of searches on things I need to know via Google on my smartphone and tablet. As always, Google delivers results on a list called SERP (search engine results page), each item prefixed with “mobile-friendly”. If it’s […]

  • Finding the right hosting company

    There are several factors that you need to seriously consider when finding the right hosting company — here’s a quick list. Coverage. If your target market is limited only for a particular country (e.g. Philippines), then why would you want […]

  • SMM vs SEO – What should you choose?

    Once there was Organic SEO (search engine optimization). Programmers and site owners alike spend hours, months and years to raise their website index rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing and the likes, particularly “SERP” (search engine results page). As everyone knows, […]

  • Internet Web Apps vs Intranet Web Apps

    Internet web apps are online commerce programs for B2C (business-to-customer), B2B, or even C2C. A simple example is an online ecommerce shopping cart system (B2C) where the focus of business flow is view products > add product to cart > […]

  • Filipino web designers and developers

    Filipino web designers and developers is a good option for your next web outsourcing needs. Having been colonized by several countries in the past, the Philippines became a mixture of Asian and Western influences resulting to a diversity in culture […]

  • Mobile-ready website vs. Mobile Apps

    There are people who doesn’t know the difference between a mobile-ready website and a mobile apps. Allow us to explain for your guidance. Mobile apps are programs designed for specific smartphones and/or tablets, for a specific purpose, compiled for a […]

  • Is your site smartphone ready?

    So, what is smartphone-ready site? Try surfing this site, http://www.webdesignphils.com using your smartphone’s browser. If the website automatically fits or auto-adjusts within or snaps-in to the dimension of your device without the need for zoom gesture functionalities, then I think […]

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