Dolphin Seeds Web Apps and Mobile Apps

We are proud to announce the completion of Dolphin Seeds. The software was developed for Ibrahim Alothaim, the owner of Dolphin Seeds based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dolphin Seeds project is comprised of enterprise-wide task management system, inventory update and sales management system.

Tasks are assigned to employees and, if left undone (for a specified number of hours), are escalated to immediate superior all the way up to the owner. Frequency of alert notifications are configurable per tasks. Tasks can be repeating (any day of the week) or based on date coverage.

Tasks are received by employees who have the mobile apps installed on their mobile device. They must have used the mobile apps (have logged-in) at least once so the system can get the token for each mobile. Mobile apps data persists and can be used offline. Once they go online again, data automatically syncs.

Inventory system allows the recording of all inventory items. Transaction entries such as inventory replenishment, issuance and adjustments are allowed. If an inventory item was detected to be below reorder point during issuance, employee’s immediate superior shall be alerted via his mobile phone using Android notification.

Sales per day can be recorded. If above/below quota, branch manager is alerted via his mobile phone using Android notification.

We’ve exerted the following efforts for this project:

  1. Database analysis and design (for both mySQL relational database and Firebase noSQL Realtime database)
  2. GUI design (web app and mobile app)
  3. Programming:
    • Web App – done using LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP)
    • Mobile App – done using Java and Firebase
    • Cron Job – periodic syncing of both MySQL and Firebase NoSQL Realtime database

The project includes maintenance for one (1) calendar year. At the time of this article, the Mobile Apps is currently in version 1.3.2.

Web Apps can be found at Mobile Apps can be downloaded from the same URL.

If you would be needing corporate-wide web applications and mobile apps, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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