Internet Web Apps vs Intranet Web Apps

Internet web apps are online commerce programs for B2C (business-to-customer), B2B, or even C2C. A simple example is an online ecommerce shopping cart system (B2C) where the focus of business flow is view products > add product to cart > checkout > and pay online. All internet apps has its own business flow.

Intranet web apps are online support programs utilized by a company in between departments or even branches world-wide using the same internet protocols. Access to these intranet web apps are restricted from the general public. In the old days, these are desktop applications that works within LAN (local area network) or WAN (wide area network). But because of high expenses on private WAN infrastructure (leased-lines, frame relays, VSAT, VPN, gigabit switches/routers, etc), the internet and its protocols became the highway of choice later on.

Intranet web apps could extend towards the public for customer convenience purposes. Such is the case for online banking systems where you, as a registered customer, can check your statement balances, pay your bills, etc.

Below are a few web apps you are already familiar with:


    • E-commerce shopping cart (B2C)
    • Crowd funding site (ex. (C2C)
    • Crowd sourcing site (ex. (C2C)
    • Group buying site (ex. (B2C)
    • Money remittance system (ex.,, etc) (B2C)
    • Buy & Sell Portal (ex. (C2C)

    • banking system (B2B or B2C)
    • accounting system
    • inventory and logistics
    • purchasing


Some processes may require 3rd party products, here are a few samples:

  • Plugins, snap-ins or redirects to achieve simple goals (ex. Paypal Express Checkout).
  • APIs for more detailed input/output processing. Some good examples are Paypal Adaptive Payments API for multi-split payments, and Google Map V3 for multi-layered dynamic maps.

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