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Web apps has been around for decades. These are “made-to-fit” software development effort intricately built to exact on your online business process requirements. This type of service is what we refer to as “business-centric”, as it focuses more on the online business process flow. For intranet web apps, the web design (the aesthetics) plays only secondary. On the other hand, the look becomes significant if it’s an internet wep apps.


While most commcerce systems fall within the capacity of ready-made CMS (content management system) like WordPress or Joomla and relevant plugins (ex. shopping cart system), some online business apps are unique and enormous in nature, making ready-made CMS incapable and/or unfit. This is where our “web apps custom-built service” comes into play.

Some businesses simply want to earn from the success of other internet web apps, thus, would want to imitate its entirety (ex. www.citydeal.com imitating groupon.com back in May, 2010 – see web apps cloning). Our “custom-built web apps cloning service” can very well take care of that. We don’t exactly imitate the looks, but we do replicate most, if not all, of the “business process flow”.

Web Apps Packages

Click any package headers below to view underlying details.

A. CMS-driven Web Apps
  • CMS-driven (content management system)
  • Home page with image slider
  • Products and/or service page. Extends from listing to detailed product/service.
  • About the company page
  • Contact page with inquiry form
  • News – you can add more posts under news category
  • Articles – you can add more posts under articles category
  • T&C page
  • Privacy policy page
  • Others – see Optionals 
B. Custom-built Web Apps
  • The same components as the CMS-driven Web Apps, but, each pages here are fully customized.
  • Some page contents may be rendered as static while most are dynamically database-driven, updated via CMS
  • Customized CMS
  • Database (storage) structure and design are fully custom-built.
  • Forms are fully custom-built that saves (ex. orders or payments) to the database.
  • Listing and/or reports displayed on pages are dynamically derived from the database.
C. Custom-built Web Apps Cloning
  • Mostly the same as “Custom-built Web Apps”.
  • However, all pages are derived from the web apps being cloned, from the home page to the less relevant pages.
  • Design (the look) may also be favorably derived from the web apps being cloned attributed to visitors’ familiarity of the same popular web apps being cloned.

Technical Specification

Packages are built using the following medium:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 2/3
  • Javascript
  • PHP or ASP.NET (C# flavor only)
  • mySQL Server or MS SQL Server. We also support others (like Oracle, Sybase, Gupta, MS SQLCE, SqlLite, etc.) via drivers.


  • Payment system API integration (ex. PayPal)
  • Help desk plugin (chat inquiry and form inquiry)
  • Newsletter Subscription API integration (ex. Mailchimp)
  • Integrated Blog, Integrated Forum, Chat Support

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Our portfolio page showcases our past and most recently projects. Most of these sites are still active to-date.



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