Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


It’s not just about having a website online. It’s about being seen by people looking for your products and/or services. If your website isn’t optimized to be properly indexed by search engine spiders (ex. Google SE robots), then your website may not generate what you expect it to generate for you.

A report by EConsultancy found that 61% of consumers use search engines to help them in product research before making a purchase. This means that if you want to get discovered, you will want to rank well for your target keywords.

Philippine Organic SEO


  1. Website Optimization – It is pointless to submit unoptimized websites or webpages to search engines. To obtain high search engine rankings, your web pages must be optimized before submitting them to search engines. We shall analyze each of your keywords comparing them with your competitors and execute the best optimization efforts for each of your pages, to include landing pages and most importantly the home page.
  2. Search Engine Submission – surveys says that 85% of internet users find websites using search engines. For this reason, being listed on variaous search engines can bring alot of visitors on your site. Following the rules of each search engines, we will help you properly submit your site to popular search engines.
  3. Directory Submission – directory listing is another way of gaining popularity over the internet. We will help you submit your sites to popular directory listings on the most approriate category.
  4. Link Popularity – link popularity is another factor in determining your rank on search engines. The more quality and relevant websites inbound linked to your sites, the higher your search engine rank would be. We can always help you build quality links towards your site.


The packages shown below are based on an annual organic search engine optimization service. We do not accept SEO projects shorter than 1 year. Targetted search engines are limited to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

12 Months Basic Advanced Premium
Keyword Analysis
Keyphrase included on top 10-20 (guaranteed) 5 10 15
Web Page Optimization †
Offsite Optimization:
– Search Engine Submission
– Directory Submission ††
– Inbound Link Build-up
– Statistics Setup, Monitoring and Monthly Reporting

† – Website Optimization does not mean a redesign or restructure of your current website, though it often lead towards that premise as some sites are really “country SEO-friendly”.

†† – Direction submission referred herein are free. As an “option”, there are pertinent “paid” direct listing sites that we would recommend for you to subscribe to in order to get better SEO result. The same could apply to inbound link building.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, just yet. While SEO takes care of searches done via search engines, you might want to invest on social media marketing (SMM), as well. SMM is a great way to increase traffic towards your website originating from known social networks frequented by netizens such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to the same report by EConsultancy, three-quarters (75%) of young people (18-26) use recommendations on social sites to help them research products prior to purchase. This percentage can very well increase your website’s conversion rate, why not?

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