We have prepared some ready-made, fully-functional sites that are ready to be installed to your host server, and all we have to do is to dress it up according to your brand. There are times when we have time to spend for some experimental research that simply stayed in our servers. We did not delete them – it’s disheartening to do so due to the valuable time and effort spent. These websites are either based on available and popular CMS or custom-built ones. Some of these are live demos accompanying proposals that didn’t make it thru, yet, we still proceeded on completing it. The others are experimental research we opted to build because they are simply the ones that are mostly inquired/required by our clients.

The above websites are live demos and are complete with all the standard fully-functional features expected of it. Each of the sites are ready-made, and all we have to do is to change the logo, plus a bit of the aesthetics for you (should you still want to change it) the way you wanted it to be in order to fit into your corporate brand.

We shall definitely be adding more studies in the very near future. So, stay tuned. Should you wish to have a clone of any of the above for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll submit to you a quote.