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MavenWorks Web Design Services – Our Upcoming New Business Identity

LONGHEAD DIGITAL SOLUTIONS shall become MAVENWORKS WEB DESIGN SERVICES, to be handled by a new owner (to be announced). With the passing of the company owner (Mrs. Jennifer Domingo, the proprietor) last July 6, 2020, Longhead Digital Solutions is currently undergoing transition to the aformentioned new company. Processing of all papers/documents are ongoing. Formal transition […]

Bring Your Online MarketPlace to the Next Level

Online marketplaces are proliferating, especially during this time of pandemic – people cannot just move around places just like the way they used to. Some of these online marketplaces are Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Shoppee and the likes. QUICK, CHEAP SOLUTIONS & DISADVANTAGES: If you’re planning to setup an online marketplace or multivendor systems, […]

Why is my site not good on SERP? – Series 1 of 3

A lot of site owners wonder why they’re not performing well on SERP (search engine results page). There are many contributing factors to this, and I’ll start with the basics: A. THE BASICS: Before we proceed, we assume that you have already prepared your site for optimization and indexing/visitation by Search Engines (SE), like Google, […]

Outsourcing your web projects in the Philippines

Let me get this straight for you, no beating around the bush. There are several reasons why you or your company should consider outsourcing your web design, web apps development, mobile apps development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) to online digital marketing companies like Longhead Digital Solutions, as an alternative solution. Below […]

LongHead Digital Solutions

Sage Designs Studio is now LongHead Digital Solutions. This means that our website logo branding shall be changed. All things that refers to Sage Designs Studio online will now be changed to LongHead Digital Solutions in the next few weeks. All written communication should now be addressed to LongHead Digital Solutions. Future corporate identity communications […]

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