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Social Media Marketing

Backed by social media marketing (SMM) experts from the UK, together with the awesome SMM backend technology brought in, we’re proud to announce the effective expansion of our social media marketing now being one of the major service the company offers. This service upgrade was made possible by Ferdie Domingo. Just to give you an […]

Internet Web Apps vs Intranet Web Apps

Internet web apps are online commerce programs for B2C (business-to-customer), B2B, or even C2C. A simple example is an online ecommerce shopping cart system (B2C) where the focus of business flow is view products > add product to cart > checkout > and pay online. All internet apps has its own business flow. Intranet web […]

Filipino web designers and developers

Filipino web designers and developers is a good option for your next web outsourcing needs. Having been colonized by several countries in the past, the Philippines became a mixture of Asian and Western influences resulting to a diversity in culture evident in a multitude of positive traits. Before delving deeper into this topic, I’d like […]

Mobile-ready website vs. Mobile Apps

There are people who doesn’t know the difference between a mobile-ready website and a mobile apps. Allow us to explain for your guidance. Mobile apps are programs designed for specific smartphones and/or tablets, for a specific purpose, compiled for a specific OS (ex. iOS, Android, etc.) and are made available for download on apps distribution […]

Is your site smartphone ready?

So, what is smartphone-ready site? Try surfing this site, http://www.webdesignphils.com using your smartphone’s browser. If the website automatically fits or auto-adjusts within or snaps-in to the dimension of your device without the need for zoom gesture functionalities, then I think the website is "smartphone-ready". That’s the same as saying that the site is "web responsive". […]