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Mobile-ready website vs. Mobile Apps

There are people who doesn’t know the difference between a mobile-ready website and a mobile apps. Allow us to explain for your guidance. Mobile apps are programs designed for specific smartphones and/or tablets, for a specific purpose, compiled for a specific OS (ex. iOS, Android, etc.) and are made available for download on apps distribution […]

Is your site smartphone ready?

So, what is smartphone-ready site? Try surfing this site, http://www.webdesignphils.com using your smartphone’s browser. If the website automatically fits or auto-adjusts within or snaps-in to the dimension of your device without the need for zoom gesture functionalities, then I think the website is "smartphone-ready". That’s the same as saying that the site is "web responsive". […]

Hello Smartphone-Ready World!

We’ve fully re-structured and re-designed this site to make it mobile-ready. This way, our site snaps-in and “appropriately” viewable even on smartphones (without the need for zoom gestures), not just on tablets, laptops and desktops. Why do this? Well, they say that 35% of internet users are now using mobile devices, like smartphones. This move […]

Web Apps Cloning in the Philippines

Have you ever heard of web clones? It’s a term used for copycat websites. Web Apps Cloning is not about copying web designs. It’s about copying online business rules and processes. Clones ride the popularity of the cloned system until it make millions. CityDeal, developed by the 3 German brothers (Alexander, Marc, and Oliver Samwer) […]

The Lakeshore

We are very fortunate and privileged to handle the complete re-design and programming of The Lakeshore Estate website. The project started last March 1, 2012. As of this day, we’ve already completed our responsibility as per our contract bounds. The website is in full HTML 5 layout and formatted using CSS 2/3. We used a […]

Joylong Vans Philippines

WebSage is proud to announce the completion and release of the official website of Joylong Vans Philippines. We’ve implemented a fresh and minimalist design with alot of breathing space for the site. We focused more on providing the latest prices and specs for each of the Joylong models ICI carries, namely: Hivan, Majestic and VIP […]