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Organic SEO – 4. Link Popularity Improvement

For better search engine ranking, we’ve previously discussed: a) How to optimize your website; b) Where to submit your website for inclusion, and; c) What directories should your site be included Having achieved ALL those things, your site’s rank can go nowhere but up. Now, we’ll move towards further improving your rank via Link Popularity […]

Organic SEO – 3. Directory Listing

In this article, we’ll talk about directory listing. But before anything else, be sure that you have properly optimize your website pages and have already submitted your site to popular search engines. Directory Listing is much like your yellow pages. However, it is widespread (as have been severally mentioned on other sites) that directories are […]

Organic SEO – 2. Site Submission

After having previously discussed Organic SEO 1. Page Optimization, we assume that your website is now ready for site submission. If you have already submitted your site in the past and are just optimizing it for better search engine results, then you may skip this section. However, you may still need to re-submit a sitemap […]

Zest Air Official Facebook FanPage

We’re very proud to announce the completion of ZestAir’s Official Facebook FanPage. We’ve adopted page designs that would blend well with Facebook, yet, not a far-cry from their original website’s design. What’s best, the fanpage allows online flight booking, right on Facebook! Pretty cool. Zest Airways official fanpage can be found at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zest-Air/178438875531243. Please visit […]

Organic SEO – 1. Page Optimization

In organic web marketing, there’s no magic, no shortcut, no special tools or whatsoever. All it takes is to have these series of organic SEO lessons be understood by heart and be well-considered during design and maintenance of your site. With these, we guarantee better search engine ranking on whatever search engines there are on […]