Bring Your Online MarketPlace to the Next Level

Online marketplaces are proliferating, especially during this time of pandemic – people cannot just move around places just like the way they used to. Some of these online marketplaces are Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Shoppee and the likes.


If you’re planning to setup an online marketplace or multivendor systems, there are quick solutions towards having that. These quick solutions are commonly CMS-driven, like Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Shopify, etc. Through expansions or plugins that you integrate to your favorite CMS, your single-vendor ecommerce can become a multivendor ecommerce, or marketplace. However, you are restricted to what these expansions and plugins can offer that usually results to “customizations”.

Customizing these CMS and/or 3rd party plugins starts to become more and more difficult for you to maintain your site due to:

  • high rates of customization jobs,
  • frequency of CMS and plugin updates,
  • frequency of plugin updates, not to mention
  • the rarity of people who would do the customization for you.

On top of that, your system becomes a candidate to what we call “spaghetti codes”, leading to slower performance that adds up to the already expected CMS-driven site’s slow performance (by nature).


Our team had pre-developed a “solid foundation” for your online marketplace. You can purchase it as it is, then we’ll just customize it in order to:

  • to fit your brand (logo, color hues, font choices)
  • integrate your choice of payment gateways
  • integrate your choice of chat, online meeting tool
  • integrate mobile app (native or hybrid) that consumes the ready-made RESTful API, or
  • expand it to include other features like Google Maps (location of stores) among others


We call our ready-made marketplace as TOD!TS, a “generic” strong foundation online marketplace. It’s built using:

  • Laravel MVC PHP Framework
  • VueJS MVVM Javascript Framework

To learn more about TOD!TS, go to

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