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Mobile-friendliness helps in Google search results

I personally do a lot of searches on things I need to know via Google on my smartphone and tablet. As always, Google delivers results on a list called SERP (search engine results page), each item prefixed with “mobile-friendly”. If it’s not mobile-friendly website, I won’t bother to look into it anymore and look on to the next that complies to mobile-friendliness. Why? Because I’ve grown tired of zooming in/out on a page just to get to what I’m looking for and be able to read comfortably within my mobile viewport.

I’m not saying that all people behave that way, but that particular behavior alone has an impact on how people visit websites on mobile devices. Though impression is there, clicking the link towards your site results to a missed visitation.

Is your site mobile-friendly? Google says you should. As per Google’s announcement, your sites’ mobile-friendliness now counts in, hence, becomes an integral part of your sites’ Google ranking. This policy was implemented last April 21, 2015, fully documented here.

Make sure your site is ready for mobile-friendly Google search results. If you’re not sure, you may go direct to in order to check your site’s mobile-friendly status.

Why become mobile-friendly?

While it is true that mobile SERP is separate and distinct from desktop SERP, I firmly believe that it still has a cumulative impact for the reason that more and more people are using mobile devices to search for stuff on the internet.

So, if you have not considered embracing the mobile SERP’s implementation and existence, then you’re missing a lot of traffic towards your site.

If you don’t know how to convert your website into a mobile-friendly website, we can help you. Start by contacting us.


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1 thoughts on “Mobile-friendliness helps in Google search results

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