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New Web Design

In line with our regular enhancement and maintenance program, we’ve implemented some changes in our site. In like manner, we did those changes inasmuch as:

  • we believe we have to adapt to ever evolving changes in terms of design trends and technologies, whether we like it or not.
  • we have to implement newer features as moved by client requests for demo features. They need not look past beyond — the home page already beats the drum for aspects they aim for.

At some point, the changes may not be beneficial in terms of SEO (we hope not), so we’re most careful so as not to affect SERP rank, and page effectiveness. Yet, we don’t really want to look passe leaving clients discouraged over time.

So, we leaned towards a more balanced design approach. We don’t want to make it look too heavy and overwhelming as we try to avoid longer load time. Yet, we also want it to be more attractive than before, as we thought so.

So, there you go. We hope you like it.

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