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NEXT.js 13.4 stable

NEXTjs 13.4 Now Stable

Just recently (May 4, 2023), the Nextjs team officially launched version 13.4, heralding the commencement of practical implementation for the much-anticipated App Router. This means that you can now begin incorporating the App Router in “production”.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Consequently, NEXTjs has been acknowledged and now being promoted as the best framework for React (note that REACT is a javascript library, not a framework). NEXTjs enhances REACT capabilities.


NEXTjs was launched on October, 2016 for working with small static websites, all functions are written in JavaScript, automatic code-splitting and server-rendering, configurable data-fetching, anticipating requests, and simplifying deployment. After 7 years, it has grown into a beautiful Javascript framework, now allowing full-stack production-grade web applications with the use of Typescript or React.


Originally uses Page Router, it now boast of its App Router, another routing approach designed to address some of the limitations of the Pages Directory approach. It allows creation of independent or nested layout component. You can implement any of the 2 routing approach depending on your needs.

There are alot of other features or components with App Router, such as react server components, template components (like layout components), loading components, streaming components using suspense (in contrast to traditional Server-Side Rendering or SSR) , improved/expanded data fetching (instead of Axios), built-in SEO (for both static and dynamic), and alot more others.


Will it stand the test of time? Currently, it’s being used by large companies such as Hulu, Netflix Jobs, Starbucks, Tiktok, Twitch,  Nike, HBO Max, Nvidia, Hilton, AT&T, IGN, Tencent News, United Airlines, plus more.

We are on the process of upgrading our knowledge and expanding our experience with the introduction of NEXTJS 13.4. At the time of writing this, we’re confident we can handle your NEXTjs and REACT web application development needs. We look forward to attend to your web application development needs in the Philippines or abroad.

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