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Outsourcing your web projects in the Philippines

Let me get this straight for you, no beating around the bush. There are several reasons why you or your company should consider outsourcing your web design, web apps development, mobile apps development, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) to online digital marketing companies like Longhead Digital Solutions, as an alternative solution. Below are some tips that would help you on your decision-making process:

  1. BUDGET CONSTRAINTS – Companies, much more of her involved department(s), always have budget constraints. Outsourcing greatly reduces your “long-term spending” by a mile on the following:
      • Hiring of IT and Marketing professionals – unless you have the staff with the proper knowledge on what is at stake, you will have to strengthen your workforce and build it in-house.
      • Employee Benefits – when you maintain a workforce related to the above needs, you will have to deal and set long-term employee benefits such as access to loans, 13/14th month pay and bonuses, among others. Good career development plan is another thing or they will look for another company. Note that designers and programmers are most often company hoppers.
      • Equipment – your new workforce must be equipped with the proper tools that they may be able to produce desired results.
      • Electricity will increase
      • Aircon will increase
      • Maintenance of equipment
  2. RISKS:
    • when hiring new professionals, you will never know the end result even if they have gone thru all rigorous interviews and exams with flying colors. If expectations fail, then you have wasted precious money and time.
    • even if you hired the right person for the job, blending with the workforce is another problem. There will be personal differences that could blow out of proportion and could jeopardize the success of your project. Building a harmonious team is not really that easy, not all employees are Theory Y as per Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory.


It doesn’t end there. Assuming you’re to try out alternatives such as outsourcing, you will have to be extra careful when deciding who to choose among several choices you requested a quote from.

  1. FLY-BY-NIGHT – there are outsourcing individuals who come and go. It’s most common with freelancers. They may be available now, but not tomorrow. You’ll hear various reasons such as change of career, some can’t handle more due to load capacity, while some went abroad.
  2. COST VARIATION – given with your requirements, project cost quotations vary from different website design agencies. Why the variation? Several factors are involved here:
    • OPERATIONAL COST – some web design or apps development companies have offices in central business district. Apart from the high rental cost, they probably have a huge workforce to maintain. Higher salaries and benefits they provide for their employees could affect cost variation. On the other hand, some web design agencies have lower operational cost because their office is located somewhere else and not within central business districts. Others own the building themselves charging a lot less to their expenses. Some web design companies also maintain a small workforce. However, maintaining a small work force doesn’t mean they can’t deliver — some web really intend to keep their team small in order to be able to focus more on QUALITY OF WORK rather than volume of work. Freelancers usually offer the smallest cost.
    • TECHNOLOGY – some web design companies in the Philippines will propose development environment that are costly.  It ranges from server software to be used, programming languages to be used. Cost of learning to use those tools (not available online for free) could have add up to their cost. However, there are server and programming tools that belong to the “open-source” industry. Open-source software are free, learning tools readily available online. Even if these tools are free, they are equally durable, enterprise-strength as others say it. Website designers who use open-source software usually charge lower, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enterprise-strength or of low quality.
    • CREATIVITY AND EXPERIENCE – others show you voluminous projects in their portfolio trying to establish trust and confidence. But, looking at the details of each, you will find designs that are not that impressive. Yes, that’s because large web outsourcing agencies lean towards generating volume of projects (in order to offset their expenses) sacrificing quality most of the time. There are others who shows you few projects but most of their designs are really good.
  3. MAINTAINABILITY – as mentioned in the technology item above, some turn-key companies will propose costly project due to costly software tools they used. Most often, you will shoulder the underlying high cost of maintenance. Expensive software equates to “rarity” of designers/developers using the same, the result is lower support (local/international). You might be entangled in that situation forcing you to pay more (long-term), and worse, end up changing software environment in the end. As to freelancers, there are those who come and go. The next time you contact them, they’re not available anymore. So, you’ll end up looking for another one.

When outsourcing, you’ll definitely have to pay a larger amount of money (on whatever terms you have agreed on) for the construction of the site. You can call it a “one-time cost”. Commonly, one-time cost may be huge, but maintenance is definitely small. Outsourcing could very well beat in-house development cost long-term.

One-time cost may be large, but don’ t be discouraged. Once completed, you’ll reap the benefits in the end.

You should weight the pros and cons of outsourcing more carefully. You should consult someone you can trust and understand the above parameters before diving in.

Good luck on your next project!

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14 thoughts on “Outsourcing your web projects in the Philippines

  1. Drell Torres says:

    This article is really helpful! Thank you so much for sharing this one. There is no doubt that it is critical to find developers that are user-focused, have excellent communications skills, are responsive, adaptive and have no trouble working to deadlines.

  2. Baker says:

    as i am not an web developer i had to go true hard time by building a website, that’s why i was looking for professional web developer and designer, i rad your article and now i am planing to hire developer from PHILIPPINES

  3. Rishad says:

    i have experience with Philippines web developed, i are ready friendly and highlight professional, i hired them from freelancer platform, got my project done in less time, which made me work with them aging

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