Web Apps

There are times when our development team (acting as R&D team as well), tinkers around with newer tools leading towards creation of web applications (web apps). However, we see to it that the free time we have are properly spent on worthwhile applications that can be used by prospective clients out there, reused by another as it is, further modify it to adhere to clients’ brand, or even expand it further to meet clients’ more specific requirement.

We call these applications as “GENERIC” WEB APPS.


One of the web apps we’ve built is a MARKETPLACE (multi-vendor eCommerce web app). A marketplace is where people (not just the site-owner) can create a store and post the items they want to sell online and consumed by online buyers. Yes, both buyers and sellers have to be members of the site.

We call this particular generic marketplace web apps TOD!TS. It’s something similar to Etsy, Shoppee, or Lazada. However TOD!TS was kept simple and lightweight, leaving room for branding, and integration of 3rd party apps such as messengers, payment gateways (Stripe, Paypal), etc.

TOD!TS is not a brand, it’s just a name we have affixed to this generic web apps marketplace in order to separate it from the rest.

Tools Used

TOD!TS is a good base or foundation if you’re planning to start your own enterprise-strength online marketplace. We’ve built TOD!TS generic marketplace web apps using the following development tools:

    • PHP – Laravel MVC Framework
    • Database – MySQL Server
    • HTML5
    • CSS/SASS
    • VueJS MVVM Javascript Framework


You can check out the demo at

Learn more about TOD!TS at

Password: demoadmin

Password: demoseller1
NOTE: editing/deleting of products intentionally disabled for this demo.

Password: demobuyer1

Database Design

We also have ready-made database designs of popular web apps. These came from web apps we have developed in the past. However, front-end interfaces are irrelevant now because those were old applications. However, the database design stays the same and doesn’t really get old. It may even be expanded as you desire — done by us or by your team.

These database designs comes complete with:

  • ER (entity-relationship) diagram – conceptual structure design based on the business model (that represents requirements spec).
  • Logically Structured Data – based on ER, data are arranged into a logical structure mapped into the storage objects, normally as database tables.
  • Physical Design – includes detailed specification of data elements of each table, data types, indexing options and other parameters.
  • SQL script – may be executed/imported to your database. Note that some minor tweaks may be required if your database is not MySQL.

With these, you can already build an entire web apps on your own using your favorite web apps development tools.

We can also help you build both the front and back-end interface and processes for it using MVC framework. It can also include APIs for your future expansions to mobile, should you require it. Check-out our web apps development service.


If you can’t find the database design in our current line-up given above, we can build one for you. All we need is to discuss with your business domain expert – you don’t have to be accustomed to thinking in terms of the discrete data elements which must be stored. All that is required is your domain knowledge and requirements specification.