Our special creative web project is a website design service having extra bells, whistles, and fireworks bringing your site to another level.

In the past, you would encounter sites done entirely in Flash, they are fascinating, plenty of special effects, interactive, high-end feel. However, Flash died because it isn’t portable, not secure, not much OS support, and drains batterly life.

This service is similar to Flash-based sites in terms of special effects capabilities. But, instead of Flash driver & ActionScripts, we use high-performance Javascript plus CSS, hence, HTML5-based and SEO-friendly. It can do everything Flash can do, plus more… it doesn’t require you to install drivers on your browser.

Special Creative Web Project

It’s true that the simpler the site, the better. But, simplicity sometimes makes matters so dull even if you implement modern design concepts.

Just try to look at our home page. Without any animations as you scroll, the page would look downright boring. Others are not even possible to present without the help of extra scripting. Exactly our point!

But, if handled by creative designers and developers armed with proper technology and know-how, the website can go elsewhere and deliver the kind of feeling you wanted to be branded with and impart the same to your clients and stakeholders.


There are 2 types of motion effects (animation) that we can apply to HTML elements, as follows:

  1. Automatic execution of an animation timeline of a particular HTML element as soon as you enter the relevant section of a page where the elements belongs, or;
  2. Parts of the motion timeline are executed as you scrub you mousewheel or scrollbar.

Motion effects can be presented as a mixture of both. It really depends on how you wanted your HTML elements presented. So, it’s a must that storyboards are well-described.

Our home page is a sample of method 1. Below sections demonstrates method 2 – scroll scrub animation.

We support 2D animation, or SVG animation. SVG are scaleable vector graphics wherein each named element of an SVG can be animated. We also support 3D animation.




We can animate your logo, good for home page hero banner or anywhere else you deem fit. In this specific section, the elements of the logo are animated individually as you scrub your mouse wheel or scrollbar. Circle on the back of the logo automatically animates as you enter in this section.

All HTML objects may be animated, not just logos. For graphics, we prefer SVG (scaleable vector graphics) so we can animate even the most minute elements of the SVG.


ANOTHER SCROLL-SCRUB DEMOIn this demo, the phone and other elements are animated as you scrub your mousewheel or scrollbars. Cogwheels on the background automatically animates as you enter this section. Note that this is not about mobile phones, it’s about demonstrating creative web.

Our creative web project is best used for product introduction or presentation, any product you want introduced to the public with interactivity.

3D Effects

Our creative web project may embody 3D motion effects limited to web presentation purposes only. Some interactive effects are demonstrated here, such as:

  • Zooming – mouse over on 3D logo and scrub-scroll mouse to see effect.
  • Panning – RIGHT-CLICK + HOLD on the 3D logo, then move your mouse to see effect.
  • Rotation:
    • Free Rotation – LEFT-CLICK + HOLD on the 3D logo, then move your cursor to see.
    • Rotation via CTA – click ROTATE 360 button below to see.

We don’t provide complicated 3D animation like those showcased on simulators and browser-based online games. We are mindful of memory hog even if processing is transferred to WebGL or WebGPU.



This section elements automatically animates whenever this section becomes visible on the viewport. Anyway, both methods can make your website more stimulating and appealing without overdoing it with heavy graphics animation that literally makes the site laggy and hogs memory.

Our special creative web project is best for product intros, storytelling pages, biography sites, or portfolio sites. It would also fit for your personal and/or corporate sites, should you wish to have it that way… why not?

Creative web projects are best guided by workable storyboard. Storyboards are created by your marketing team. If you don’t have a storyboard, we can help you with it. Click creative project coverage below to learn more.


  • STORYBOARD: This service is best for product intros, portfolios, or story-telling sites. Hence, a storyboard may be required. If you don’t have a storyboard, we can help you out at a cost.
  • Because it’s storyboard-driven, each page shall have several sections that may pertain to your storyboard slides.
  • While scrolling to sections of a page, special effects are executed. The special effects can be any combination of tweening, pinning, snap scrolling, smooth scrolling, parallax, 2D animation, SVG animation, or 3D object animation. Special effects may be executed once during entry to the section and another special effects during exit from the section. Another special effects may be executed on idle within the section or trigger something else simply on mouse move.
  • With 2D effects – SVG (scalable vector graphics) with layered elements may be individually animated apart from animating the SVG element itself as a whole. SVG with merged internal elements may be animated only as a whole. Client shall provide the SVG.
  • With 3D effects on canvas – client shall provide 3D object models in glTF (GL Transmission Format). Both .GLB and .GLTF versions of the format are supported. FBX, OBJ, or COLLADA may also be supported but never guaranteed.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Depending on the situation, we may or may not use CMS. But it shall definitely be built using LAMP (linux, apache, mysql and PHP) technology. We’ll utilize HTML5, a mixture of CSS and high performance Javascript for front-end special effects, while PHP shall be used for the back-end script, when necessary.
  • TEAM: It can only be attended by one full-stack developer or a design/development team. It depends on urgency of project.
  • DURATION: A common special creative project can take up to a month or two. However, it is entirely dependent on the number of pages that would support special effects, and the difficulty of the requirements on your storyboard.
  • PRICE: The price of the creative web project depends on the difficulty of requirements in the storyboard. Be sure to communicate to us the storyboard beforehand so we can come up with a proper quote. One caveat though, it’s more expensive than our standard web design service. Our standard website design service only provides basic motion effects as provided by the page builder. Our special creative web projects are powered by Javascript programming.
  • TERMS OF PAYMENT: 50% downpayment 40% upon deployment, and 10% after deployment.
  • MODE OF PAYMENT: Paypal, Cash/Check via OTC deposit, Check pickup. No postdated checks allowed.