MAVENWORKS provides bespoke web apps development in the Philippines using either: NEXTjs with REACTjs, or; LARAVEL with VUEjs. Web apps has been around for decades. These are “made-to-fit” browser-based software development effort intricately built to exact on your online business process requirements. This type of service is what we refer to as “business-centric”, as it focuses more on the online business process flow. For intranet web apps, the web design (the aesthetics) plays only secondary. On the other hand, the look becomes significant if it’s an internet wep apps.

Web Apps Development Philippines

While most eCommerce systems fall within the capacity of our ready-made CMS-driven eCommerce and that all we have to do is to dress it up (web design effort) to make it fit according to your brand, some online business apps are simply unique and usually enormous in nature (like onilne marketplaces such as Shoppee, Amazon, Alibaba), making ready-made CMS incapable and/or unfit. This is where our “bespoke” or “custom-built” comes into play.

Some businesses simply want to earn from the success of other web apps, thus, would want to imitate its entirety (ex. www.citydeal.com imitating groupon.com back in May, 2010). Our bespoke web app development service can very well take care of that. We don’t exactly imitate the looks, but we do replicate most, if not all, of the “business model, flow and processes”.


There are several good software to make use for developing web apps. However, we have limited ours to NEXT js (v. 13+) with REACT js, or LARAVEL PHP MVC with VUE js MVVM application development tools. For the database, we use MySQL, MongoDB or PostreSQL via Prisma ORM.






As an option should you require it, we can create public API (application program interface) that would act as middle-tier providing independent communication between the web app and the database. This is beneficial especially if you intend to create other apps in the future (ie. a new PWA or mobile app) that needs to interact/communicate with the same database, too.

Web App Development direction Philippine
Web App Development direction Philippine




For web app development, we suggest CLOUD platform such as Vercel (highly recommended) or VPS (e.g. Digital Ocean droplets). SSL is a must. SSL in Vercel is free and automatic. SSL in DigitalOcean allows free SSL using LetsEncrypt/ZeroSSL that must be renewed every 90 days.

We don’t recommend shared hosting for web app projects.


Web apps are mostly unique, having their own business model, even if some of them were derived from (or clones of) other web apps. Having that in mind, the web app must be thoroughly tested to ensure operational functionality.

Testing is an integral part of web app development and must not be overlooked. We follow the following testing process:

  1. ALPHA TESTING – This testing takes place during the development process. Web app modules are thoroughly tested before moving on to other web app modules, if any:
    • WHITE TESTING – The web app module currently being attended to is tested by the developer themselves. It may be referred to as white testing — they know most of the internal structures and code of the system.
    • BLACK TESTING – Team members (or project manager) test the operational functionality of the web app module currently being attended to in order to discover bugs or make suggestions necessary for improvement.
  2. BETA TESTING – This testing phase takes place after the development stage. The entire web app is thoroughly tested thru the following beta testing stages.
    • CLOSED BETA TESTING – During this stage, the owner of the site, together with its own team (if any), tests the web app’s operational functionality from public pages, client pages (if any), all the way to the administrative pages. Any bugs that remained undiscovered are corrected by the developer.
    • OPEN BETA TESTING – We can refer to this as “soft launch”. At this stage, both parties are confident to make the web app publicly available. Corrections may still happen at this stage but very minimal.