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MAVENWORKS WEB DESIGN SERVICES, formerly LONGHEAD DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, provides web apps development in the Philippines. Web apps has been around for decades. These are “made-to-fit” browser-based software development effort intricately built to exact on your online business process requirements. This type of service is what we refer to as “business-centric”, as it focuses more on the online business process flow. For intranet web apps, the web design (the aesthetics) plays only secondary. On the other hand, the look becomes significant if it’s an internet wep apps.



While most eCommerce systems fall within the capacity of our ready-made CMS-driven eCommerce and that all we have to do is to dress it up (web design effort) to make it fit according to your brand, some online business apps are simply unique and usually enormous in nature (like onilne marketplaces such as Shoppee, Amazon, Alibaba), making ready-made CMS incapable and/or unfit. This is where our “web apps custom-built service” comes into play.

Some businesses simply want to earn from the success of other web apps, thus, would want to imitate its entirety (ex. imitating back in May, 2010). Our custom-built web apps service can very well take care of that. We don’t exactly imitate the looks, but we do replicate most, if not all, of the “business model, flow and processes”.

There are other good software to make use for developing web apps. However, we have limited ours to the following tools simply because we’re more accustomed to using it.

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