Special Web Projects Now Open

What gives?

We’re now open to providing special web projects. A short and simple implementation of a special web project is http://ferdie.webdesignphils.com, created by the co-owner of this company himself during his spare time. View it on laptop/desktop for better UI experience.


So, what makes special web projects different from the more common static or templated CMS-driven websites? Basically, our special projects are:

  • distinctly and are intricately handcrafted from the most miniscule to the more hefty elements (images or texts) of each sections of a page.
  • each sections of a page have well-orchestrated behavior and/or animation (2D/3D) “beyond” the common short left/right/up/down movement of images /texts you would find on most websites nowadays.
  • your scrolling and mouse movement are tracked, execute element behaviors (such as animation) on trigger points.
  • almost all movement are scripted.
  • animations can reverse when moving out of viewport.
  • though the demo made use of free Google fonts, special projects would normally utilize subscribed fonts.

Our special web projects make extensive use of:

  • Scrolling & pinning scripted animation
  • Tweening scripted animation
  • Parallax effects (mouse move, scrolling)
  • Graphics design and scripted animation (in SVG)
  • Scripted 3D animation (GPU-based renderer when necessary, 3D models not included)
  • Video clip production (when necessary)
  • Professional photography (when necessary)

To explain it further, I’m sure you’re aware of Flash-based websites in the past. Our special web projects are comparable to Flash animations of the old days. As we all know, flash-based presentations or websites are stunningly beautiful, no doubt. But due to portability issues and the lack of 3rd party support, Adobe Flash failed to maintain the hype, resulting to its EOL (end of life).

Now, it’s replaced by good old Javascript, and these are far more lightweight (through heavy-duty Javascript animation libraries), HTML5-friendly, SEO-friendly, and does not need Flash drivers installed on your browser. It can do all the things Flash can do.

Why special web project?

While most people/company are fine with the traditional and cheaper way, through common static or CMS-driven “theme/template inspired” sites (along with those common home page image sliders, carousels, et al), there are those who have more distinctive tastes. These people usually want something different in terms of look, feel and experience, they want their site to be unique, above the rest, no matter what the underlying cost would be. They usually thread along edges utilizing what current technology can offer to their advantage. They want the best representation for their brand/s on the web adding up to their prestige and notoriety.

Our special web design project service answers to that. It works best for product or service introduction, story-telling sites, corporate sites, profile sites or portfolio sites.

Is it slower?

For load time, it depends on the number of large format images (and videos, if any) required. The more that is required, the slower is the load time, that’s why “pre-loader screens” are utilized so visitors are well-informed of the loading process. Once loaded, it will perform just like a common site. Though performance may be a bit jittery on some browsers, people usually make use of the best there is, nonetheless (i.e. Chrome).

Because CSS3 implementations are different from one browser to another, we still declare CSS3 animations and transitions BUT focus more on Javascript. This way, you can be sure that it’s more cross-browser compatible. Talking about Javascript, we utilize high-performance Javascript libraries that are literally 20x faster than jQuery animate.

What’s required?

These are intricately built from scratch and are thoroughly guided by storyboards to include transitions in between slides/sections, not just typical wireframes. Likewise, our special web projects are carefully guided by your own marketing team. If you don’t have a storyboard prepared and a marketing team along with it, we can tag along our own creative team, we’ll closely collaborate to come up with a good one.

We don’t normally include a CMS (i.e. WordPress) in order to further boost load time. But it can be integrated should you really require it.

Because these are intricately built, production is longer and cost is conceivably higher than a common website.

Contact us

For special web project details, you may directly coordinate with Mr. Ferdie Domingo at ferdie@webdesignphils.com.

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  1. Lelia says:

    Hi! Do you know if theyy make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked
    hard on. Any suggestions?

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