The Lakeshore

We are very fortunate and privileged to handle the complete re-design and programming of The Lakeshore Estate website. The project started last March 1, 2012. As of this day, we’ve already completed our responsibility as per our contract bounds.

The website is in full HTML 5 layout and formatted using CSS 2/3. We used a minimal amount of Javascript for front-end enhancements and effects. For the backend server scripting and processes, we utilized PHP programming, while MySQL was used to handle database storage and maintenance.

Likewise, Google Mapping API v3 was used dynamically to depict/mark location of properties (complete with updated information on infowindows as extracted from the database) that met a particular search criteria.

The Lakeshore Estate is a prime real estate project in Pampanga developed by Central Country Estate Inc. headed by Architect Nestor Mangio. He has served the government from 1995 to 1998 and currently the chairman of the Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC).

The Lakeshore Estate website is now live and active at

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